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Restorative practices in Australian Schools This blog has been written by Bill Hubbard, Head of Student Welfare  at Rosehill College in Auckland, NZ. He was awarded a scholarship by his school to visit a selection of “restorative”schools in Australia. This blog is his diary of those visits and the conclusions he reached.

Undercover teams: This blog has also been written by Bill Hubbard. He has developed a very effective approach for dealing with low level classroom bullying.

School circles: Bill Hubbard has created a blog site which will be of particular interest for those in secondary schools wanting to begin the use of circles to develop and maintain positive and healthy relationships within classrooms

 Beginners guide to useful resources and reading: This link has been developed by Graeme George, Vice Rector at Villanova College in Brisbane. It is an extensive list of useful resources for schools beginning the journey into the restorative philosophy.

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