Understanding Stories – with Margaret Thorsborne

Part A of the Just a Teacher Podcast Series: Listen to the podcast here>>
Part B of the Just a Teacher Podcast Series: Listen to the podcast here>>

The Healing Ripples of Restorative Practice
– with Margaret Thorsborne

Relationship Restoration Podcast:
How Do We Repair Harm? – With Marg Thorsborne

Restorative practice builds the health and wellbeing of communities. Denise talks to Marg Thorsborne about how we can repair harm and restore relationships to maintain strong communities. Learn an effective alternative to punishment that supports wellbeing.

RJI podcast: Marg Thorsborne interviewed by Lisa Rea

Pete Hall from Network for Learning New Zealand Interviews Margaret Thorsborne

Restorative Practice as an Alternative to Traditional Behaviour Management.

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A recent meta-analysis shows that minimizing control (supporting people's autonomy) promotes caring and generosity: .

Two implications:
(1) When our needs are met, we're freed from being preoccupied with them and can be open to helping others...

Moving on from old ideas requires curiosity about possibilities of new ways of being and doing. No point in going back to flat earth theory , when we know the earth is not flat!

If we are looking at how brains learn to read, shouldn’t we also be looking at how brains learn to regulate? A brain that is in flight, fight, or freeze isn’t available for good learning! Regulation comes first. Simple neurobiology. @gerrydiamond71 @JoeBrummer @desautels_phd

A deeply personal and insightful paper by lawyer and restorative scholar Dr Ray Nickson & Alice Neikirk about the death of a daughter and why non-adversarial options may be better placed to address the needs of victims and encourage restoration

Children with early life trauma are earthquake detectors. 🫨🕵️

Problem is... they are very, very good at detection. Too good.

Stick with me on this... 🧵👇

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