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Transforming Teams Workshop

In many instances, the conflict which exists in a team, work unit or organisation has a long-term history & its origins may no longer be clear. There may be problems associated with systemic issues such as the the approach to problem-solving & decision making. They may relate to recruitment & selection practices, the style of leadership or management, pathways & styles of communication, or the lack of a shared vision. Team members may simply not be used to speaking openly with each other. Whatever the cause(s), ultimately the workplace suffers with chronic distress & shame, both of which erode goodwill & trust.

Renewing the Glue

This workshop, typically 2 to 3 days in duration, is preceded by confidential interviews to establish the scope & nature of the issues that have led to relationship breakdown & to provide a focus for problem solving. Understanding the nature of the “glue” which holds teams together will allow team members to make the necessary changes to the way they “do business” with each other.

Transform Your Team

Transforming these dysfunctional teams is achieved by developing a climate of trust which allows people a chance to enter into dialogue about the issues which matter to them & which are eroding goodwill. Such a workshop is designed to give participants a voice about how they feel. Like its shorter, sharper cousin, the Workplace Conference, the emphasis is on the impact the difficulties have had on people & relationships — what harm has been done, & what is needed to repair that harm & to keep the workplace emotionally healthy. This may involve some changes to structures, policy & practices. Again, follow-up is critical in providing ongoing support to the team as it affects the changes.

Examples of teams, which have made a successful transformation to healthy, functional units through Margaret Thorsborne & Associates´ workshops, include:

  • Rehabilitation Centre — Commonwealth Government Agency
  • Administration, teaching & support staff — Special School
  • Call Centre — State Government Agency


I won’t single out any one thing, but I can honestly say that of all the `team building´ exercises that I have been through, this is the only one that I feel has had beneficial content.
… Participant, Call Centre

I felt the most comfortable in the group activities than I ever have, & I liked the concise focus on the issues at hand. At all times we dealt with the issues within the complexity of our workplace & the fluff of theory.
… Manager, Rehab Unit

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