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TJ Bevington portraitAssociate Consultant of Thorsborne and Associates


Terence has had many roles in education over the past 20 years: as a youth worker, teacher, behaviour support tutor, behaviour support officer and coordinator of a personalised learning service. Terence’s professional career has been enhanced and complemented by associated study and research.

Experience and Expertise

Terence trained as a restorative conference facilitator in 2007 and was accredited as a Restorative Practitioner by the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) in September 2011. As well as his work with Thorsborne and Associates, Terence continues to work as a restorative approaches development officer for an inner-London local authority, a role he has developed over the past four years.

In his work Terence supports schools, pupil referral units and further education colleges in implementing, embedding and sustaining restorative practice.  He is known for his collaborative work with organisations and is valued and trusted for his clear thinking, commitment and considered, reflective way of working.  As a result he is frequently asked to facilitate restorative conferences, and has worked sensitively and successfully with many young people, families and staff in both full and classroom conference settings.
Terence is also an experienced and engaging trainer, and has developed and delivered courses in restorative practice ranging from short awareness-raising sessions to three-day full restorative conference facilitation training.  His local authority experience means he is equally comfortable working as a trainer with a wide variety of staff including those from education, social care, youth support and youth justice settings.

Throughout his career, Terence has been dedicated to integrating research, theory and practice in his work. He is in the process of working towards a PhD at the University of Cambridge in the field of conflict resolution and restorative practice, where he is exploring the opportunities presented by restorative practice to effect genuine and meaningful transformation at individual, group and institutional levels.  His interest in this area makes him extremely thorough in evaluating the impact of restorative practice and he has developed a variety of methods to aid evaluation and planning with organisations wanting to work restoratively.


Terence has a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages, a Secondary PGCE, an MA in Translation and Linguistics, an MSc in Psychology of Education and an MEd in Educational Research. Terence is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Cambridge in the field of conflict transformation and restorative approaches. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, the Restorative Justice Council and is an Accredited Practitioner, Restorative Justice Council.

Contact Details

Phone: +44 (0)7904 312 120

Email: Terence Bevington

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