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    Transformational change through Restorative Practice

    Strengthening connections between people: Putting relationships at the heart of your organisation's success.

We are an international consultancy providing outstanding services to schools, community groups and workplaces to achieve transformational change through restorative practice.

Transforming Conflict

Transform the way your school responds to wrongdoing 2


Transform the way your school responds to wrongdoing.
Teach concepts of accountability, responsibility & empathy to all members of this community.

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culture change in the workplace


Have relationships been threatened or destroyed?
Are you seeking more effective ways to manage relationships & effect culture change.

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Transform conflict or inform community consultation


Transform conflict or inform community consultation around issues of mutual interest or concern in  clubs, associations & neighbourhoods.

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Restorative Problem-solving

When people have fallen out in our communities & workplaces, & these relationships are not healed, the loss of social capital, productivity, job satisfaction & emotional well-being is at best sad, & at worst, dangerous.

Restorative problem-solving, based on the principles of restorative justice, views wrongdoing as a violation of people and relationships. Problem solving becomes centered around an exploration of the harm that has been done and how to repair it.

This philosophical approach, with its focus on procedural, substantive and emotional satisfaction has enormous benefits – for those harmed, those responsible, their collective supporters, agencies and institutions and the wider community. The approach shifts thinking away from retribution to repair and it is the recognition that relationships matter  that drives the work of Margaret Thorsborne and Associates.

Through the processes of restorative problem solving, Margaret Thorsborne & Associates is committed to strengthening the connections between people to restore social capital, job satisfaction, productivity & emotional well-being.


We are committed to providing a tailored service to meet your needs, whether in terms of facilitated processes, training or supporting your efforts in transforming the culture of your team or organisation. Please do get in touch via this link or calling/texting us directly on +61 412 135 015 to discuss your needs.

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Prepare your organisation for restorative practices.
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