Community Services


Consultation, used widely by government (federal, state or local) to address local issues regarding planning or development, has many levels & forms depending on desired outcomes & it is vital that stakeholders understand their role in the process so that unrealisitic expectations are not raised.

Community & Organisational Consultation

Many organisations such as federal, state or local government agencies, businesses, associations & clubs or neighbourhoods may benefit at the appropriate time with facilitated workshops to consult within a community of stakeholders to:

  • explore issues
  • make decisions
  • solve problems
  • plan

Workshop Design & Facilitation — Getting it Right

These workshops can only provide satisfactory outcomes for management & constituents alike if attention is paid to workshop design (getting the process right) & people’s need to be heard, & their input respected & valued (their emotional needs). The capacity to understand underlying emotional needs is an often neglected component in workshop design & delivery. Using an “outsider” as facilitator can minimise fear of hidden agendas amongst participants.

Communities, defined by place (neighbourhoods) or purpose (clubs & associations), may also benefit from a restorative approach to problem solving, as outlined for WORKPLACES & SCHOOLS.

Margaret Thorsborne & Associates, with its understanding of people’s emotional needs, will work closely with the client to clarify desired outcomes & negotiate an appropriate process which will deliver those outcomes, at the same time providing a satisfying experience for stakeholder participants.


Shire Council – Community consultation for the redevelopment of a public carpark

Shire Council – Community consultation for an urban design project for urban renewal for small town centres across shire

Govt Agency – Focus groups for redesign of curriculum material for course work in the disability field

Govt Agency – Senior management team decision-making regarding a restructure of training & development across a region

Non-Govt Agency – Development of values & vision for the organisation ahead; the development of strategic & business plans

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