A GUIDE TO WORKPLACE CONFERENCING: A Restorative Approach to transforming workplace conflict

This manual is the fourth in the series of training manuals designed to assist practitioners with restorative processes in workplaces, whatever the field or occupation. While formal complaint and grievance processes have their place, seldom to they address the emotional harm to people and relationships.

Taking a restorative approach to resolving workplace difficulties has the possibility of resolving the issues that have caused such harm when things have gone wrong. This manual offers clear guidance for facilitating the workplace conference process. Thorough training in this process is recommended.

Chapters include:

  • A restorative approach
  • Doing the groundwork
  • Pre-conference interviews
  • The workplace conference process
  • Managing the emotional dynamics
  • Conference follow-up

Appendix  includes:

  • Interview guidelines
  • Participant guidelines
  • Conference script
  • Blank Agreement
  • Participant Evaluation

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