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Mick LevensAssociate of Thorsborne and Associates


Mick has spent over thirty years working in inner London schools having been a Head of English before being appointed to the Inner London Education Authority English Advisory Team, working in a London local authority. Mick then returned to school and has worked as the Deputy Head of a large boys’ comprehensive with responsibility for inclusion, an area of work which has been graded as outstanding in successive inspections by Ofsted.  Mick regularly offers outreach training and acts as a resource for schools within the local authority.

Experience and Expertise

Mick trained as a restorative justice community conference facilitator in 2004, and as a workplace restorative conference facilitator in 2006. Mick was accredited as a restorative practitioner by the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) in September, 2011.

Under her leadership her school embarked on a long journey to becoming a restorative community. She has facilitated numerous conferences for students in the school ­-across the severity range ­– many of which have often involved a wide variety of members of the extended school community. Mick has facilitated conferences for staff in her own school and has co-facilitated workplace conferences for other schools

Mick has particular expertise in the strategic development of restorative systems in schools having driven the development of the use of conferencing for individuals, for whole class issues and for adults. She has been asked to present the story of this developmental work at local, national and international conferences and for individual schools, groups of headteachers and local authority staff across a range of urban and rural settings.

Mick has a reputation for her clear sighted strategic thinking and the ability to steer change within an institution, even through turbulent times. She is noted for her cogent training and delivery style and for supportive follow up beyond initial training.  She regularly hosts visits from school leaders, local authority colleagues and international visitors interested in exploring the strategic development of restorative practice in schools. This work has been documented in a range of publications including the national press and has ensured that her school has a reputation for being a restorative community, with restorative systems and philosophy embedded securely within the ethos of the school.


Mick is a member of Restorative Practices International and the Restorative Justice Council. She is an accredited restorative practitioner with the RJC and holds the BTEC Professional Award in Restorative Justice Approaches. She is a graduate and holds the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH). Mick is a qualified mediator and a trained teacher of philosophy for children. She is a member of SAPERE.

Contact Details

Phone: +44  (0)7881 613 933

Email: mick levens

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